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The location of Dallas TX in the southern tip of the United States has some challenges.
For instance, many people who are new to the Dallas Metro area are surprised to experience the extreme climate changes here. While residents frequently battle the snow and ice during winter, they also can literally roast on the streets of the Metroplex during the summer when temperatures can reach more than a hundred degrees. This climatological phenomenon creates other singularities in addition to the extreme temperatures, such as wind gusts of more than 60 miles an hour during spring and fall. Hail, tornadoes and crazy electrical storms are not uncommon in the area also. These frequently occur during the encounters of the Gulf’s low depression and the North-Pole cold winds that colide around the North Texas area many times during the year. It is no wonder why the expression “If you do not like the weather here in Dallas, just wait a couple of hours” is so common. Weather can be completely different in a matter of minutes.

The unique temperature swings in Dallas bring stress to residences. If you are a Dallas homeowner, then you are not stranger to roof and fence damage, as well as landscaping nightmares and broken windows due to hail. Residents of this city also know that their Dallas garage doors endure a lot of stress. From hail damage on the surface of the garage door and the garage door hardware to warped garage doors due to severe wind gusts. Parts malfunctioning from the high temperature fluctuations are a common problem. So garage doors in Dallas need special care and maintenance, and residents need to be careful when selecting which garage door to purchase. If you don’t order a garage door that will endure the meteorological punishment of North Texas, you might soon regret taking the decision too lightly. Complete Overhead is here to assist you.

Not all garage door companies are the same. If your garage door installation or garage door repair was performed incorrectly or with inferior parts, you will know about it during the next season, when your garage door either doesn’t open, doesn’t close, or begins to make unusual noises.

You may even notice the surface of the garage door beginning to warp or peel. Perhaps the surface will even fade during the extreme Sahara-hot temperatures of the summer here in Dallas. These problems typcally occur when the garage door is recommended or installed by a company that is new to the area or just started doing business in Dallas and they are unfamiliar with the unique challenges of Dallas weather. Problems also occur with garage door companies that are trying to cut corners and get away with cheap parts or personnel that is not properly qualified to work on your garage door. Some companies may quote you a lower price than us, but beware of any service company that is the absolute cheapest. Sacrificing quality just to save a few bucks will land you a garage door job that has a plethora of inferior parts, or might be installed incorrectly. In the end, you will have to call an experienced company to re-do the job correctly and the job will end up costing you twice as much, along with extra headaches. We will help you to avoid a situation such as this.

Calling Complete Overhead is the only option when you want a job done correctly, by a company who is experienced with the unique challenges that Dallas weather presents. We have many years of experience doing Dallas garage door installations and garage door repairs. Our reputation pursues us.

How much should you invest in your garage door in Dallas? Garage door prices fluctuate in price depending on whether you want a wood door, aluminum door, or steel door, as well as depending on the size of the door and the grade of quality you choose. You want to keep an eye on the budget but you don’t want to get inferior quality parts either, or such a low grade of material that it can’t stand up to Dallas weather. This is where Complete Overhead will prove to be invaluable. We will come out and meet with you to provide a free estimate, along with recommendations for your budget, your taste, functionality, and your style of home. After all, we are the experts, and you need a garage door company that you can trust to offer the best solution for your unique needs. Your trusted garage door consultant from Complete Overhead will be able to suggest what materials, finishes, and brand will perform best in your situation.

Other circumstances also have to be considered when choosing a garage door, such as safety.

Will you be able to lift that door in case you accidentally get trapped inside your garage? Remember, if you get trapped inside your garage during one of the hottest days in Dallas, you might survive only by a miracle. You could literally roast yourself at temperatures of hundred and thirty degrees and above if the door faces the sun. Imagine what would happen to a child. Do you want safety sensors that prevent the door from closing if someone or something (such as your car) is in the way? Which springs are less likely to break? Garage door springs are under tremendous amounts of tension and pressure. If one breaks and flys off, it literally could kill someone. There are even safety devices that prevent this from happening. Ask us about such safety features when making your decision.

Buy your next Dallas garage door with confidence by choosing Complete Overhead who is experienced, qualified, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

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