LiftMaster MH 5011Commercial & Industrial Roll Up Door Opener From Local LiftMaster Dealer In Rowlett, Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, and Surrounding Areas

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MH 5011 Commercial & Industrial Roll Up Door Opener Installed in Rowlett, TX by Certified LiftMaster Dealer

MH 5011

Medium-Duty Hoist Operator

  • For use on smaller, lighter commercial doors with mid-range duty cycle requirements.
  • Rated duty cycle: Maximum 12 cycles per hour; Less than 50 cycles per day.
  • Wall mount for high or vertical lift sectional doors or small rolling doors and grilles.
  • Chain hoist with electric interlock for manual operation in an emergency.

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Commercial Roll Up Door & Industrial Roll Up Door Opener

Complete Overhead Door is your local LiftMaster Dealer in the areas surrounding Rowlett, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial and commercial roll-up door opener services.

If you are seeking a high-quality commercial roll-up door opener in Rowlett, Dallas, or Fort Worth, TX, area, the LiftMaster MH5011 (Medium Duty Jackshaft) is the best choice. It is built for rolling industrial sectional doors, grilles, or small rolling doors with high vertical lift. It uses a slow-speed hoist for maximum safety.

Safety and Security

The LiftMaster MH5011 comes with various features to ensure business security and safety. It meets UL 325 Safety Standards and has an Adjustable Friction Clutch. This clutch aids in protecting the door operator and has safety sensors to stop the door from closing on objects. This model also provides Patented Security radio technology. Additionally, it has an unlimited DIP switch remote control and a CPS-U monitored commercial protector system.


The LiftMaster MH5011 is used on rolling sheet doors, requiring a slower speed hoist for added protection. It works best when used less than 12 cycles per hour and under 50 cycles a day.

The LiftMaster MH5011 also comes with:

  • 115 Volts
  • 1/2 HP, 115V single-phase motor
  • 24V NEC Class 2 control circuit
  • Three-button control station
  • Maintenance Alert System
  • NEMA Type 1 electrical box
  • Right side or left side door mounting
  • Wall mounting that attaches to the door shaft
  • Programming for one or fifteen-second increments

Local LiftMaster Dealer for the LiftMaster MH5011

Complete Overhead Door is your local LiftMaster dealer. We provide reliable and efficient services for commercial roll-up door openers and industrial roll-up door openers in the Rowlett, Dallas, and Fort Worth area.

Complete Overhead Door has extensive knowledge of the LiftMaster MH5011. We are committed to delivering professional services to ensure your commercial and industrial roll-up doors last.

Complete Overhead Door is your local LiftMaster dealer in Rowlett, Dallas, or Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding area. We provide quality commercial and industrial roll-up door opener services. Contact us today for more information on the LiftMaster MH5011 (Medium Duty Jackshaft).

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