Truck Restraints in Richardson, Plano, Fort Worth, McKinney, Dallas, TX, and Surrounding Areas

Truck Restraints in Fort Worth, McKinney, Plano, Dallas, and Richardson, TXLoading docks are one area where several different injuries can happen. Unsteady attachments, moving equipment, items stacked too high, various heights, harsh environmental influences, and more. You probably have gotten the dock seals, warning lights, and signs. Now it’s time for another necessary safety device, the truck restraint. Truck restraints have several uses, the top being the prevention of trailer separation accidents.

No matter how much a driver or loading dock employee thinks a trailer is steady and restrained, is it? Unrestrained trucks are where many accidents happen, OHSA violations occur, and previous injuries are triggered. If a loading dock is not using a truck restraint for one reason or another, here are some of the incidents that can happen:

Vehicle Creeps

The action of a forklift coming on and off along with load changes can cause slight creeping of a truck and trailer. Enough of the creep and an entire forklift wheel or employee can fall off the dock.

Preventing Back Injuries

While the main function of truck restraints keeps a truck from creeping away from the dock, they also act as a stabilizer. By having a restraint that works to keep the trailer firmly attached in one location, less horizontal and vertical movement is allowed. This makes for an easier transition for loading dock employees, including those on forklifts that may incur back pain from constant sudden vertical movements.

Uneven Load Injuries

A trailer without a cab attached can become unstable during loading and unloading. Truck restraints help steady the trailer to prevent up-ending or pop-up accidents. Both can happen when loads and forklifts are at one end, and the truck becomes unevenly balanced tipping all the way forward (upending) or all the way backward (pop-up).

Early Separation

There can always be miscommunication and a driver can accidentally pull away too early for one reason or another. Those left in the middle of loading or unloading can easily suffer terrible injuries from falling or being crushed by load inventory.

Truck Restraint in Fort Worth, Plano, Richardson, Dallas, and McKinney, TXTruck Restraint Options

When looking at different options in truck restraints in Dallas-Fort Worth, a couple of variables come into play.

How much you want to install into your dock? Some restraints are attached only to the ground through bolts, while others are built into the loading dock.

How you want the systems activated? There are hydraulic models attached at the push of a button. Or, there are manual options.

What are you looking to prevent? Some systems, such as hook systems around the rear impact guard, are excellent at avoiding vehicle creep, upending, and pop-up. Others are great at stabilizing to prevent horizontal and vertical movements.

What elements will the truck restraint work in? While truck restraints are robust pieces of equipment, you’ll want to consider the environmental influences they are exposed to.  

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