Garage Door Maintenance and Repair Tips


Regular maintenance and good practices can save you money.

At Complete Overhead Door, we’re homeowners, too. We have kids to put through school, we have elderly parents to support. We must eat, too, just like you. So, before you go spending your hard-earned money on a new residential or commercial garage door or opener – even with us! – there are some procedures that you can, and should, try out at home to keep maintenance costs low, keep your equipment operating at peak condition, and to spot and resolve potential issues and safety concerns quickly.

Choose your control button location carefully

When you mount the control button for your garage door opener be sure to choose a location at least 6 feet from the floor so that children can’t reach the button, and that it’s within clear line of sight of the actual door.

Keep your owner’s manual

Hang on to the owner’s manual for your particular garage door and your garage door opener. Each model and type of door opener is unique and has its own safety instructions, and if your manual is conveniently located near your garage door for reference, you may be able to avoid unnecessary maintenance calls.

Remind the kids it’s not a toy

Discuss garage door safety with your children and explain to them how to operate the door safely – remind them the garage door opener is not a toy.

Test your automatic reversing feature monthly

Test the automatic reversing feature of your garage door opener frequently with a board or a bucket placed in the pathway of the door. As soon as the door contacts that object, it should immediately reverse – if it doesn’t, contact Complete Overhead Door immediately!

Upgrade to get eye safety beam features

Consider investing in or upgrading to a garage door that features an electronic eye safety beam. This beam is mounted a few inches off the floor and shoots an invisible beam across its pathway. If something breaks the beam, the door should immediately reverse. Test this feature monthly if it’s already part of your garage door and opener solution.

Understand your emergency features

Understand your garage door’s emergency release feature so you can manually open the door in the event your power goes out or the garage door malfunctions. Read your owner’s manual, and again, store it nearby.

Inspect your garage door monthly

Visually inspect your garage door monthly. Check all your springs, all the rollers, all the cables. Look for signs of wear or anything unusual, but if you find something, don’t attempt these repairs yourself. Most of these parts are under very high tension, and it can be dangerous to tamper with them, and many require special tools for adjustment. Your visual inspection is important, but if you need assistance, contact Complete Overhead Door immediately.

Use the handles and grips!

It’s worth a reminder to never put your fingers between your garage door sections, but instead use the handles and grips on the door to pull it down. Every year, homeowners and businesses report injuries from putting their fingers between the door sections.

Properly lubricate your garage door tracks

Lubricate your garage door track from time to time, using a lubricant specifically designed for garage doors.

Paint protects your garage door from Mother Nature

Repaint your garage door periodically to keep it protected from the elements.

Treat your garage door opener remotes like housekeys

Unplug your garage door opener if you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time, and if your car is going to be parked outside your garage, be sure to bring the garage door opener remotes inside the house. Additionally, never leave your remotes with a parking attendant – treat your garage door opener remote like a key to your house. Precisely for that reason, never reveal your wireless keypad PIN to anyone not living in your home; most keypads have a temporary password option for friends or service people who may need to enter your home. Keep the door from your garage into your house locked as an added layer of security should your garage be breached.

Upgrade to an insulated garage door and save

Insulated garage doors help to reduce the amount of heat or cold that enters your garage door. Consider choosing or upgrading to an insulated garage door for your home or business, and save on your electric bill. Contact Complete Overhead Door to discover the difference we can make for you!

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