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Some cities in United States were not highly impacted by the economic downturn of recent years. Some people from economically troubled areas have decided to leave everything behind and move to another city in search of a better life.

This phenomenon makes Dallas an inviting city for people living in states that are deeply affected by the bad economy, especially those from the northern areas.

So, thinking ahead, many people have decided to move there in the hopes of finding more favorable winds. Some cities are receiving an influx of new people never seen before in history. For instance Dallas TX sees an average of a thousand people moving in every day from all over the nation. This is a staggering number when you think about the resulting increased housing required in order to meet the demands of the ever growing population. Not only must the housing industry keep up with these growing demands, but also the services provided by the cities of Dallas must grow and keep up with the demand.

The area is absorbing the new implants smoothly and without ripples. Many people coming from states such as California, where they were able to sell an average home for about twice the price they would get one for in Dallas, are soon excited about buying a new house in Dallas. This housing boom in North Texas has also attracted builders from all over the country. They are building house after house in the Dallas Metroplex. While all of this is good and everybody seems to win, there is another side to the story.

Builders from some states many times do not realize the extreme weather that some other regions have, from snow and ice during the winter to more than a hundred degrees during the summer. So they don’t think about how this extreme weather will affect some features of the houses they are building, such as the garage doors.

Builders many times have contracts with companies that have been supplying them materials for years for their projects in other states, and they bring the same parts and building processes to the extreme wheather areas. These materials may have been sufficient in more temperate environments, but they will not old up to the extreme weather in other cities. Little do they know that the new homeowners will have to deal with some headaches with their new houses very soon. The garage doors that are made from sub standard materials and installed with inexperienced labor, will in a matter of months start to show their deficiencies.

There are modern cities with extreme wheather in USA. I will mention one of them: Dallas TX extreme weather creates meteorological phenomena such as hail, tornadoes, electrical storms, wild temperature ranges, and gusts of wind of more than 60 miles per hour. These sudden storms can occur any time of the year, but specially during the spring and fall.

Cheap garage doors that some builders use to keep the costs down will just not be able to hold up to the extreme weather. In many instances they fail within the first year. From hail damage and parts malfunction to garage door rail stress, the new homeowners will soon discover the effects of the aggressive weather on their garage door.

If you live in an extreme weather city and your home was not made by a local builder, then likely your garage door was not chosen by someone who is experienced with extreme weather. If your home is a new construction project, you might want to insist on choosing a local garage door company of your choice to install a high quality door. If the home you are purchasing is already built, you might ask a local garage door company to come out and inspect the door to evaluate its condition. Perhaps it only needs some maintenance service, or a minor garage door repair. If the door is on the brink of failure, it is best to not wait until the next storm blows in to find the door has crashed down on top of your car. Talk to your trusted local garage door company in and find out what your options are.

Having a good quality garage door is important in order to maintain the value of your property, protect your car from damage, and ensure the security of your home. A well insulated door can even help you to save money on your utility bills. But when you consider the extreme weather of some cities such as Dallas perhaps, there is another even more important reason for considering the quality of your garage door and the features it offers- safety reasons.

Many people do not think about the importance of safety when choosing their garage door, especially if they are from other areas of the country were wheather is not extreme. But can you imagine getting trapped in your garage during summer when the temperatures in Dallas or Phoenix frequently reach 110 plus degrees? Inside your garage the temperature might actually soar to 130 degrees, which is a deadly extreme. The heat can warp the frame of your garage door, and even cause low quality openers to malfunction. Power outages will also render your equipment useless. If you, or any family member, go out in the garage to get something and the door accidentally slams behind you, you might find yourself trapped.

Even if the safety release lever on your door is functioning, many times children cannot reach it, or don’t even know how to use it. A broken spring will render the safety release useless, and it takes 2 or more people usually to life a garage door when the spring is not operating. How long would you or a loved one last if you were trapped in a garage that is 120 or 130 degrees? Heat stroke occurs quickly under such circumstances.

You will find yourself wondering how your family members will go on without you, and regretting all the things you wish you could have done with your life. Imagine if this happens to your 8 year old son or daughter? Yes, for your protection, security and safety, a good quality door is important.

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