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Dallas Garage Doors. Why Good Quality Is Important?

The city of Dallas, Tx is located in North Central Texas, about 250 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. The relatively flat elevation of the city, which reaches no more than 500-800 feet at the highest points, offers little protection from winds and temperature extremes. In general, the weather is considered to be humid subtropical with very hot summers. It is also characterized by a wide range of annual temperature extremes and weather phenomenon.

According to The New York Times, April 1, 2011 Article “Where to Live to Avoid a Natural Disaster”, Dallas is ranked as the city with the highest risks in the entire nation for weather hazards.

Why did Dallas, TX receive this ranking? To quote the article, it is because “Dallas has lots of almost everything, but quakes, including hail, wind, drought, and floods”. This article contains an analysis based on Sperling’s Best Places, a publisher of city rankings, and it examines weather risks in 379 different American metro areas. The fact that Dallas, TX was evaluated as the city with the most dangerous and hazardous weather out of all 379 other cities is noteworthy.

Let’s describe some of these weather hazards that so characterize Dallas. Winters are moderate in most cases, but strong cold fronts do occur about 3 times each month and are often accompanied by sudden and extreme drops in temperature. Five months out of the year (January, February, March, November and December) temperatures reach below freezing (below 32 degrees) and for 7 months out of the year (April, May, June, July, August, September and October) temperatures reach above 90 degrees, according to the National Climatic Data Center. There is virtually no adjustment period between the months of winter and the months of extreme heat. Spring and Fall can be very undistinguished and virtually nonexistent, with the exception of strong winds and hailstorms during the Spring months. According to Riskmeter dot com, a website that evaluates risks, the Dallas Fort Worth metropolis is ranked as one of the Top 10 most hail prone areas in the entire country, according to the frequency of hail storms as well as the severity.

In addition to the sudden and extreme shifts in temperatures and the devastating number and degree of hail storms, Dallas also is located in “Tornado Alley”. Eighty tornadoes were reported in Dallas county between the years of 1950 & 2007, causing millions of dollars worth of damage to property. In fact, according to the National Climatic Data Center, Dallas, TX is listed as #3 in the Top Ten Most Tornado Prone Cities in the nation. When the wind is not powerful enough to be classified as a tornado, it still is strong. The National Climatic Data Center also ranked Dallas, Texas as one of the Top Ten Windiest Cities in the country.

We’ve mentioned extreme temperature changes, hail, powerful winds and tornadoes. But these are not the only reasons why Dallas was voted as the city with the most hazardous weather. We also must take note of how high the UV index rankings are for the city. UV rays are normally blocked by our Ozone. But on some days, more rays penetrate the Ozone and reach the earth’s surface than on other days, and in some areas, the rays are more intense. These rays cause damage to all living cells, and even to inanimate objects, such as our property. So, how does Dallas rate when it comes to the UV index? On average, every year the months of April, May, June, July, August, and September all were ranked as “Very High” on the index for Dallas. This is the highest possible ranking. The months of March and October both were ranked at “High” on average each year. Combined, that totals 8 months out of the year with above average UV intensity for the city of Dallas.

It is true that there are some other cities in the United States besides Dallas that may have a noteworthy number of tornadoes, or high UV rankings, or a significant amount of hail storms, or high winds, or extreme shifts in temperatures. However, Dallas has ALL of these issues, making it the city with the highest risk factors combined, and the most weather hazardous metropolis.

It is obvious how this severe weather affects the comfort and sometimes even the safety, of the residents. However, it may be somewhat less obvious to consider how these weather extremes and hazards affect the property of the residents.

We are considering an often neglected part of the home owner’s property- their garage door. How does the weather affect Dallas garage doors, and why is a good quality overhead door in Dallas so vital?

The unique climate of the region brings stress to houses in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all of the surrounding cities. Dallas homeowners are not strangers to roof and fence damage, as well as landscaping nightmares and broken windows due to hail. They also know that their Dallas garage doors endure a lot of stress. Their doors must be durable enough to stand up against possible hail damage on the surface of the garage door and the overhead door hardware, warping due to severe wind gusts and UV exposure, and parts malfunction from the high temperature fluctuations. If Dallas was voted as the city with the most weather hazards, then Dallas residents need the garage door with the most quality.

This means that residents need to use special care when selecting which overhead door to purchase and which garage door company to do the installation. If they don’t order an overhead door that will endure the meteorological punishment of North Texas, they will soon regret it. Likewise, if they buy an overhead door of the highest quality, but use a company unqualified and inexperienced to install the door, they may find their high quality door blown off, broken or split during the next Dallas wind storm. Improperly installed garage doors that come loose off the track during wind storms have been known to crash down on automobiles, or fly into neighbor’s yards and cause property damage.

So, how can you pick the best garage door for your house in Dallas? After all, you are not an expert on overehad doors and there are many different brands, types and materials out there to choose from. You need an expert in your corner, one that is knowledgeable on every sort of brand, to give you advice. This means that you need to choose your Dallas garage door company wisely. Complete Overhead is the best solution to your Garage Door needs.

Complete Overehad is familiar with the Dallas weather and understands the special challenges that it brings.

An overehad door company that is new to the area or just started doing business in Dallas would be unfamiliar with these unique obstacles. They may use parts that would be sufficient in a temperate and mild environment, but unable to hold up to high winds, tornado gusts, hail, and strong UV rays of Dallas.

For example, if the door was not properly sealed with a coating that can resist the “Very High” UV index ratings of Dallas, you may notice the finish beginning to peel and fade prematurely. The door itself may begin warping. If they did not offer you steel garage door options, or at least rock hard sealants for the wood of your overehad door, you may also soon discover pot marks from one of the many Dallas hail storms. If they used inferior rollers, hardware or other parts, then they may not hold up very long to the sudden shifts in extreme heat and cold. You may discover soon that your garage door makes unusual noises and/or does not open and close properly.

Don’t be fooled if these inexperienced companies offer a cheap price tag. Sacrificing quality just to save a few bucks up front will land you with a job that has a plethora of problems. In the end, you will have to call an experienced company to re-do the job correctly and the job will end up costing you twice as much, along with wasted time and headaches.

What you want is a professional, trustworthy and qualified Dallas overhead door company with years of experience doing garage door installation and overehad door repairs, as well as reasonable prices. A reputable company is the only option when you want a job done correctly. Complete Overhead is the best solution. For your garage door in Dallas contact us right now!

How much should you invest in your garage door in Dallas? Overehad door prices fluctuate in price depending on whether you want a wood overhead door, aluminum garage door, or steel door, as well as depending on the size of the door and the grade of quality you choose. You want to keep an eye on the budget but you don’t want to get inferior quality parts either, or such a low grade of material that it can’t stand up to Dallas weather. This is where your Dallas garage door company consultant will prove to be invaluable. We will come out and meet with you to provide a free estimate, along with recommendations for your budget, your taste, functionality, and your style of home. After we are the experts, and you need an overehad door company that you can trust to offer the best solution for your unique needs. Complete Overhead will be able to suggest what materials, finishes, and brand will perform best in your situation. Remember that you get what you pay for. A cheap overehad door may save you money today, but will cost you tomorrow.

Other circumstances also have to be considered when choosing a garage door, such as safety. Will you be able to lift that door in case you accidentally get trapped inside your garage? Remember, if you get trapped inside your garage during one of the hottest days in Dallas, you might survive only by a miracle. You could literally roast yourself at temperatures of hundred and thirty degrees and above if the door faces the sun. Imagine what would happen to a child. Do you want safety sensors that prevent the door from closing if someone or something (such as your car) is in the way? Which springs are less likely to break? Garage door springs are under tremendous amounts of tension and pressure. If one breaks and flies off, it literally could kill someone. There are even safety devices that prevent this from happening. Ask your Dallas garage door company about such safety features when making your decision.

Buy your next garage door with confidence by choosing a reputable Dallas garage door company who is experienced, qualified, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.


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