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Your Garage Door Opener- Why Download The Owners Manual?

Although we will always provide you with the Operating Manual that comes with your Garage Door Opener when you order one from Complete Overhead Door, there are some good reasons why you should, not only keep this manual in a safe place, but also download a digital copy of the manual from the Internet. Here are some of those reasons: 

  • Information on the Warranty- At the end of your Garage Door Opener Manual, you will find a copy of the warranty from the manufacturer. This will give you all the details on exactly what is covered, and for how long. For example, you will learn how long the motor is covered, along with all other parts. Complete Overhead Door recommends that you keep the Manual, as well as the Warranty, in a safe place that will be easy to locate. You might consider sealing your Manual in a large zip lock bag to protect it from getting soiled.
  • Help With Troubleshooting- If your garage door opener ever begins to malfunction, you might be able to save yourself from having to call in the professionals at Complete Overhead Door by referring to the manual and checking first if the problem is something small and easy that you can adjust yourself. For example, a Dallas resident recently found one day that her garage door would simply not close. Every time she hit the button on the garage door opener, it would only close half way, stop, and the lights would blink. There was nothing blocking the path of the security sensors that would make the door stop like that. Before calling the best Dallas garage door company at Complete Overhead Door, she decided to first consult the troubleshooting section of her owners manual. It suggested that she check the position of the sensors and make sure they were pointing towards each other in the correct direction. Sure enough, one of the sensors was bumped the last time she was sweeping out the garage, and it was pointing towards the floor slightly. The sensor read the floor as an obstruction in the pathway of the garage door and would not allow the door to close. A simple adjustment of the sensor, moving it back in the direction where it was suppose to point, and her problems were solved. Thanks to her Owners Manual, she didn’t have to schedule an appointment for us to come out and make such a simple adjustment. If you ever find yourself unable to determine the cause of a particular problem, then please do not hesitate to call us at Complete Overhead Door. We will be happy to assist you with any garage door repair, garage door opener repair, maintenance or adjustments.
  • Easy to Access- If you are relying on your paper owners manual to be available whenever you need it, you may find yourself some day scrambling to find it. It is surprising how many people loose the original manual or just forget where they put it. A digital copy of your garage door opener manual that you have downloaded to your computer will always be available whenever you need it. This is why we suggest at Complete Overhead Door that, in addition to trying to hang on to the Owners Manual in a safe place, you also download it from the Internet and keep it in your computer.
  • Replacement Parts- If you ever need replacement parts for your garage door opener, your manual will have an illustrated parts list that will allow you to identify the correct part that you need. If you have any questions as to which part you need to replace, just call us at Complete Overhead. We will be happy to come by and examine the problem to ensure the correct part is ordered, or we can even order the part for you. We also are available for installing the part once it arrives.
  • Instructions For Programming- Your manual will contain the instructions for programming your garage door opener remote control, as well as the control panel, and the wireless garage door opener keypad. You may need to refer to these instructions more than once if you ever have a power outage, change the batteries, etc.
  • Maintenance- The Owner’s Manual contains the manufacturers recommended guide for regular maintenance. Performing monthly garage door opener maintenance can extend the life of the opener. Some maintenance is expected to be performed by you, as the home owner. However, some garage door maintenance and garage door opener maintenance services are better to be performed by professionals. Also, by having your garage door and garage door opener tuned up and checked out by the professionals at Complete Overhead Door, we know what to look for and how to spot any potential problems that you yourself would not have been able to identify.

Now that you see the importance of having the Owners Manual to your garage door opener, and having that Manual downloaded onto your computer for safe and convenient access, don’t delay in downloading it. To find your manual, simply go to the website of your manufacturer and look for it. If it isn’t there, then type in Google’s search engines something like the phrase “owners manual for Lift Master garage door opener 3850”.

Why do it now?

The manual may only be available for a limited time. The older your unit becomes, the greater the likelihood that they have ceased making that particular manual available. At that point, you may not be able to find a copy anywhere on the Internet.

So, as soon as you order your new garage door opener from Complete Overhead Door and have it installed, look on the Internet for the Owners Manual so you can go ahead and download it while it is available.

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