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Bring the outdoors in without the pests

Whether you’re a hobbyist who works out of the garage, have an active family lifestyle, or you like to sit out front and watch your kids play we offer a solution that fits your lifestyle.


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    Lifestyle Garage Door Screens in Rowlett, Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney, Plano, Richardson, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

    Transform your garage into a cool and pest-free indoor to outdoor room with an affordable and easy to use garage door screen!

    There are many reasons homeowners in the DFW area utilize their garages, most obviously for storage. However, can you imagine all of the possibilities if you could safely and easily keep the garage doors open for extended periods? This could be a new space to entertain, a better way to keep an eye on the kids, or a more comfortable way to tinker away in the garage.

    The Simple Solution

    With a traditional garage door opening, a wide-open door will invite unwanted bugs and critters into your home. Fortunately, we at Complete Overhead Door have the solution for you with Lifestyle Screens, a garage door screen for your home in Rowlett, Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney, Plano, Richardson, TX, and the surrounding areas. The best part is, Lifestyle Screens can work with your existing garage door!

    Your cool, bright, and critter-free room can be accessed in a matter of seconds from the garage. Ready to close up again? Simply retract the garage screen system and close the garage door as usual. It’s really that simple! Contact us today to learn more about installing a garage door screen system at your home!

    Fully Retractable Garage Screen Door

    That’s right, the Lifestyle Screen door for your garage is fully retractable and integrates with your current garage door. For easy entry and leave without having to retract the entire system, The Lifestyle Screen door has an industry-first fully retractable passage door. The Lifestyle garage door screen opens and closes quickly and easily because it is spring-loaded.

    These days, more and more homeowners are turning to their garages to find additional space in their existing homes. The garage is a great open space to work in, and with the Lifestyle Screen door, homeowners can now utilize this space anytime they want without the hassle of battling those unwanted bugs, snakes, and other intruders. From garage workshops to driveway parties or those just wanting to enjoy their outdoor views, the Lifestyle garage screen is the answer you have been looking for.

    Garage Door Screen in Dallas, TXWhy Choose Lifestyle Screens?

    • Lifestyle Screens system runs on a maintenance-free track system, independent but similar to your primary garage door tracks.
    • It is a fully spring-loaded, counterbalanced system that makes raising and lowering nearly effortless.
    • Lifestyle’s optional door-within-a-door feature allows for easy entry and exit.
    • The Lifestyle screen occupies the same position as your primary garage door.

    Bring the outdoors in without the pests! Choose the best of the best with a new garage door screen system from Lifestyle Screens. Call our team at Complete Overhead Door today to get started!

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